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About Us

Rope and Cable Canada is proud to be partners with Jakob who offers a product that is able to meet the requirements of any project in terms of exceptional quality, high performance and great value for investment. Today we specialize in the manufacture of ropes from 2 mm to 28 mm for the architectural sector, and the hoist and lifting sector, where we serve more than 55 countries with our products.

The support package that we offer is specifically designed to address the full technical requirements, performance and design of architects, developers in various fields, contractors as well as installers. We handle special requirements in a special way, where we walk with our clients from the design stage all through to the completion of the product.

Jakob has over 400 highly trained and qualified staff in all our branches in Switzerland, Germany, France, the United States and Vietnam. We are able to handle large-scale projects with speed and precision, since we have the market and industry experience, in addition to the latest technology and innovation.